Jai GuruDev

Right since childhood, Gurudev was in search of “something” in his life for which he himself didn’t know. After completion of his education, His parents married him. From the very first day after His marriage, He left in search of the “thing” that He Himself didn’t  know. For about 4-5 years he visited  all the religious places. He went to churches, gurudwaras and mandirs but He didn’t get what He intended to get. He even went to the himalayas. He spent His time with all sadhus but again He didn’t get what He wanted. After 4-5 years, He started meditating at a place called Santokhsar  Amritsar. He used to sit there at 1:30 in the night. Once when He was going to sit over there (On the 40th day of His meditation), a white snake, the size of a king cobra stood in His path and didn’t allow Him to go to that place. Then Gurudev closed His eyes and told the snake that “whether you bite me or do anything, I must go there to meditate” and He stepped forward towards the place of His meditation. The snake allowed Him to pass and Then there was an “akashwani” — “That whatsoever You want to get, You will get only in Your ‘GrihasthAshram’ (family life).”

Then He returned to His home. He started living His family life and brought back Mataji with respect and honour. He then came to Gurgaon. He started His livelihood with any work that came His way and also started studying further. After completing His studies He got a job as an officer in the Ministry of Agriculture (soil survey department), Government of India. All this while, His chanting of various mantras continued. In the meantime OM appeared on His hand.