Jai Gurudev Ji!
Jai Gurumata Ji!

With the blessings of our Guruji & Gurumataji, we’ve concluded the 8-day trip to Shirdi, Lonavala & Mumbai with 300+ followers & shishya’s of Guruji. We’re getting lots of requests from the Guru Family to share pictures of the trip, so we’re sharing some of the highlights of the trip. Also, there’s a Google Drive link at the bottom of this blog from where you can download all the pictures from the trip.

Here’s a link to the drive from where you can download all the pictures of the trip (you can either copy this link & open it in your browser or can directly click on this link to open): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-a4nnlciTQ8JvS1lTIXIk_LXnq1zTSTJ?usp=sharing

P.S. We recommend opening it on your laptop or computer as the link has 200+ pictures, which won’t be easily accessible through the mobile phone.